Weekend Wrap-Up:

9:32 AM

Okay, Okay... I'm back.

I don't think you're ready for this jelly....

ANYWAYS.... Here's how our weekend went.

Friday night: Driveway Skate Fest featuring virtually every skateboarder from our little town.

Saturday: A beautiful 63 degrees.... Hours at the skatepark.

Sunday: 1 am. Jake wakes up with a shooting pain in his left side. Me, being the jerk that I am says, "Your appendix is on the right, you probably pulled something skating. You'll be fine." and I go back to bed. 2:30 am he wakes me back up, "I think I'm dying." he says. So, I commence calling my bros trying to wake them up to come crash on my couch so we don't have to wake the littles and so we can drive to the ER. (Haven't we done this too much already this year??? Seriously, it's barely February!) So finally at 4 am Zach shows up... we drive to the ER. They pump Jake full of pain meds. Seriously, 3 different ones all at once. So he starts feeling pretty good after that, if you know what I mean. He says, "Man, I can't believe I made you drive me... I feel fine, nothings wrong." To which I say, "You're pumped full of drugs hows-about we wait for the results of your cat scan"... So we wait... and wait... And finally, come to find out Jake has kidney stones. Nasty business. We go home and he wallers around on the couch feeling miserable from that point until yesterday afternoon.

He's back to work today. And let me just say... Thank you!! Really, I'm just glad he's feeling better because it's not fun when the Hub is feeling crappy. But, I probably would have had to punch him in the eye if he tried to tell me we needed to use his time home to "get stuff done" another time. I kindly explained to him that I have a hard enough time getting stuff done with just my two kids to tend to 24 hours a day let alone a drugged out Hub.

Good times.

I'm going on vacation. (I wish.)

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