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Dear Blog,

I've been neglecting you. No snarky remarks, no pictures of my littles, no randomness. I'm sorry. But when it comes to choosing between you and showering, cleanliness is gonna win every time. I don't really have an excuse. Except for these:

-Those terrible 2's you hear so much about have really happened with Gid-Man. He's always been a little stinker, but I tell you what, it's not so cute when he's throwing stuff at your head.

-Ashelyn got a black eye. She thinks she's big and pulled herself up to play with the DVD's under our entertainment center only to slip and smack her eye on the shelf they were on. It was horrible. I iced it for almost an hour and it still became a horrible black, green, & yellow mass on her face. Not cool.

-Ashe got sick. Jake got sick. Gid got sick. I almost avoided it.... then, I got sick.

-I have to do my Visiting Teaching.

-I have to fold laundry.

-My car didn't pass inspection and now I have to come up with $700 to get crap fixed on my old car that I don't even love. I'd have that $700 if the stupid Home Warranty company would send me the check they should have had out 2 weeks ago to refund us for the furnace, but NO. So I'm without transportation in order to avoid ANOTHER ticket.

-And lastly, I just don't feel like blogging.

I know, I know... some day, maybe next week... I'll feel like blogging again. But until then, I'm gonna go take a bubble bath and read while my kids are napping.

Much love,


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