Cuteness Personified:

8:26 AM

Had to share this picture of Ashelyn in the newest dress my Mom made for her! And, check out that matching hair bow!!! I'm in love. Seriously, it's my fave so far. Mom thinks the head band is insane but it's probably my favorite part. You know I'm a sucker for BABAYH. (Bows As Big As Your Head)

On another Ashelyn note....

A week from today she'll be a YEAR!! One year old?! How is my baby about to be one!?!?!? I feel like I should do a mini update before the big day so here it is...

She walks. She walks and walks and walks and tries to run and stumbles. The beauty of mobility is SO real to her now. She gets into everything (more than before) because now she can walk AND reach things. And walk while holding things. And walk while throwing things. It's the official jump into "toddler-dom" and it's just come too quick for my liking.

I guess that's just how this parenting business goes... way. too. fast.

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