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9:55 PM

Apparently Summer heard my complaints. The seasonal heavens shined down and gifted us with two beautiful days in a row. While Jacob spent the day working... *grrrrr...* The kids and I (and Annie, my amazing niece, who we are really gonna miss around here) spent the day at my parents house lounging around in the hammock. Enjoying the shade. Watching a bullfrog. Airplane Hunting. Eating popsicles. You know... the good stuff.

Gideon spent the day finding the best boy-like tasks he could manage and telling me "I wookin' mommy." He wooks (and plays. and laughs) hard. He quickly recognizes the whooshing sounds of airplanes flying overhead and drops whatever he's doing to leap up in a victory dance to shout, "A plane! Mommy, a plane, a plane!!" It's the best.

Ashelyn is ever the independent one. She did not want me on the hammock with her. She didn't want me to help her off the hammock. She wasn't happy when I fetched her out of the flower beds. She just wanted to do as she pleased. This little girl is going to give us a run for our money.

Thanks Summer.

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