12:23 PM

My title has fallen from Super-Mom to Barf-Magnet.

Gideon is sick, sick, sick and it SUUUUUCKS.

Basically the poor little guy has kept nothing down since Friday night {no matter which end it decides to come out of… *ahem*} so he’s been living on popsicles. Only now, he doesn’t even want popsicles anymore. He just wants to eat because he thinks his aching tummy is just a hungry tummy and how do I explain to him that everything he eats {even chicken noodle soup broth} ends up in the barf bucket? And more importantly, how do I explain that he’s not SUPPOSED to eat ‘til tomorrow???

Pretty much I don’t. I cave to any of his requests just so he won’t cry. We watch Toy Story and Cars and Diego and Madagascar and eat dum-dums, saltine crackers, and munch ice chips while we camp out in the living room. And I sit there.. holding him and holding the bucket.

From this experience I’ve learned two things:

1. I could NEVER be a nurse. (A giant shout out to all of you who are. You’re seriously angels.) I’m just gonna come right out and say that the only people I’ll ever hold a barf bucket for are my hubby and the tots. Because THAT right there is true love my friends!

2. I really hate puke.

Little-Man is napping now, so I’m catching up on laundry and sanitizing everything in my house.

Happy Monday all!


*A nice lady (she really was nice)  from Children’s Mercy to us Gideon has the ‘G1 rotavirus.’  and was also told that he would “have hellish diarrhea” and that “hopefully he’ll quit vomiting in a day or two.”   (her news just wasn’t)              Thank. You.

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