Jack Bauer Training Camp:

9:49 AM

You all know we’re big 24 fans. Jack Bauer is sort of a big deal around our house. And since 24 isn’t currently on TV and we’re stuck watching TV that makes you laugh (aka GLEE) instead of makes you want to own a gun {who knew!?} we have to fill the void somehow…

Recently we’ve been doing that by visiting what I like to call…

“CTU: Toddler Boot Camp”

Training begins with a few (and by few I mean 50) one handed pushups.


Which is then followed by both rappelling and scaling walls with nothing but your BARE HANDS and a conveniently placed rope. {LOOK! How handy!}

DSCN0446 “I don’t know about this Mom.”

“You will climb this and you WILL LIKE IT.”


As you can see, the drill sergeant tone pays off. Scaling “walls” with a smile.

After that we do a little “one-on-one” combat training with Dad…
DSCN0461 “Stay low.”

“Go after the legs.”

“If all else fails a roundhouse kick to the face will ALWAYS work.”

Which is then followed by an introduction to torture techniques….

DSCN0455 “Hey… this isn’t so bad.”

“Oh, Just you wait son…”


(Please note Jake’s face: Proof that as parents we really do enjoy torturing our kids)

DSCN0476“Okay, Okay, I’ll do whatever you want. Just please, STOP THE SPINNING!!!!!!”



***No  children were harmed during this training session. If you want to get all technical you can ACTUALLY call it “playing at grandma’s house,” but I don’t think that’s nearly as clever, so whatev!

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