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Party Time:

1:11 AM

Tonight (or technically last night now), the kids and I dropped Jake off at the airport for his weekend man trip and then headed to his work Christmas party. I know, how good of a wife am I to go to my husband’s work party without my husband. DANG GOOD I say! Especially since it’s a family party, Meaning I had to wrangle my two crazies by myself. (Only not really, because my awesome Sister In Law and her great kids are probably the best helpers/entertainers around.)

It was good except for some reason everything seemed to be running late. Which is not typical and a little tough with young’uns. BUT, they got to see Santa and sit on his lap and get their first SANTA PRESENTS. The kids got awesome presents as usual and I’ll be sure to take a picture of them with them. (What was I thinking? I didn’t even get Santa pictures! But they had a photog there so maybe I can snag them later.) Gideon told me all the way home about how “Santa gave me this transformer pwesent” and “I lub it so much.” And “Mommy, don’t you lub it?” and “Santa gave Sissy a baby, it’s cute mommy.” Then he “snuggled” up with Megatron and went right to bed. :) haha.

My darlings:DSCN1248DSCN1250(My big helper Katie holding little miss princess, never stops running, “Let me out!” crazy girl!)
DSCN1252Waiting on Santa to call his name! Hanging with Katie AGAIN. (Thanks Katie! We love you!!!!)

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