12:58 PM

DSCN3669 Playing in the rain!
DSCN2453Gideon is the happiest little kid. He is seriously a joy. He makes everyday things fun.
DSCN2497He loves hanging out with Jake and is recently obsessed with technology. He wants to play with the laptop or ps3 all. the. time. Such a boy :)
DSCN2531   Big helmet to protect that big noggin.
DSCN3758 He loves hanging out with the boys, sometimes I worry about just how much he picks up from his Uncles and cousins, but boy does he love them!
DSCN3852 It’s a good thing we have kids because I’m just not nearly as much fun as they are. I’m glad Jake has Gid to wrestle and be silly with. Gideon isn’t always so sure about Jake’s ideas, but he usually plays along.
DSCN3942 DSCN4120DSCN4122And he LOVES going to the skate park with Dad. He never wants to leave and always just cruises around on his bike doing his own thing. I can’t wait to see Gideon with a brother, he’s going to love it! 

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