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DSCN2454 Ashelyn loves the water. She would happily spend hours in the bath splashing away. I love this picture from this summer, playing with Grandma.


Same thing goes for swinging. She LOVES it. Recently she’s been so brave. She just wants to swing higher and higher. If she slows down for even a second, it’s “Push me, Mom! Push me!”

DSCN2523 She loves the skate park too. And suckers. Mostly the suckers :)


Horrible phone pic, but this is SO my girl. Sleeping in her shades that she put on upside down because when I tried to help her put them on right, she insisted they were “back-erds.”


She’s a bit of a ham… And she thinks she’s pretty cute, probably because we tell her ALL. THE. TIME.   DSCN3860DSCN3867 DSCN3854








DSCN3868 She can’t keep her hands off anything that’s “Mommy’s” or “big girls.” Such a stinker.
dirty girl Can you tell she really keeps us on our toes??
DSCN3878 Her hair is finally long enough for more than a top knot! I love doing hair and luckily she likes having hers done. This is one of my favorite parts of every day.
DSCN3888She’s getting so big. So independent and SMART. She sort of thinks she’s the boss and we’re really having to work on sharing and not yelling. She really believes in the whole “my way or the highway” philosophy.
DSCN3925  Love this girl. She’s momma’s buddy!

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