Easy E:

4:28 PM


Oh hey there. It’s just me Ezra. I’m getting pretty good at this whole holding my head up thing.

See? I’m a month old now, so I don’t sleep QUITE as much. I wake up for a bit to check things out.
IMG_0346I like to hang out with my brother and sister. But sometimes they are SO loud. 
IMG_0253I can be loud too. I kept yelling at mom for eating dairy. Luckily, I think she got the point and stopped.


Daddy is good at calming me down.

He’s pretty cool.

Me and mom like to take naps. I figure that’s fair since I’ve been waking her up a lot the past few nights.

IMG_0243A nap sounds pretty good right about now.IMG_0251

Yeah, I’d say that’s enough work for one day.

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