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The kids and I decided to venture over to the temple site yesterday despite the frigid temps. Originally we were just going to drive by and see it since they were supposed to have put Moroni up on top of the spires on Wednesday. It ended up being too windy that day, so they did it yesterday morning and we got to see it. There were so many people there and the channel 9 news truck even drove by about 5 times. I’m not sure if they actually ever stopped, but I’m sure they were wondering what all the fuss was about. It was such a fun thing for the kids and I’m so glad we braved the cold to stay and watch.




Moroni being placed on the spire. The video is shaky because of the cold and wind.




I seriously thought I would be an old woman before we had a temple here and to be able to take a short drive and watch the progress and to tell my children how wonderful the temple is has truly been magical for me. I felt like my spirit was jumping for joy the entire time we were there yesterday. Like, “Look! Look! It will be so soon!” Going to the temple has been so hard to do regularly with our little ones and the distance. To have the Lord’s house so close to our own is a miracle for a young family like ours and we are so overjoyed! I’m so thankful for the blessings of the temple and for the opportunities I’ve had to teach my children about it in a way that is real to them. (Even if I did have to correct Ashelyn that it wasn’t Joseph Smith they were putting on the temple spire, haha!)

Gideon asked me if the temple would be here forever. It was really awesome to tell him yes!

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