Letters to my Children: Gideon James

2:20 PM

IMG_1528Hey there Mr. Man!

Another month has flown by and as usual you are always the entertainer. I dug back out the Johnny Jump Up for Ezra to try out and I should have known you’d get more enjoyment out of it than he would. I don’t know why, but out of the three of you, you have always loved this thing. Of course now you’re WAY too big to actually get inside and jump, but you are resourceful. I’m sure you will eventually pull the molding off my door frame with your antics. Good thing Dad is pretty handy, right?!

IMG_1521IMG_1524You got to ride your four wheeler for the first time in a few months! That was a big deal. You are so much like your daddy. Some days I really love that fact and others I just worry for the hospital bills that could come from your fearlessness. Either way, you’re so brave!

I just keep thinking that this year is the last that I’ll have every day with you. School time is creeping up so quickly. I wish kindergarten was still a half day. Not because I’m worried about you, you’ll love it. I’m sure I’ll be a wreck for the first little while that you’re there. You’re my buddy. My big helper and the best big brother and I’m going to miss having you around all the time to help and make me laugh.

You have a contagious laugh. Right now, you’re watching a movie in the other room and giggling and it makes me smile. You are such a character. About a week ago, you went up to work with Daddy at the Quilt shop where they’re building a new shipping room. You were hammering away on something dad gave you and hurt your eye… you didn’t cry at all but when everyone asks you what happened, this is how you respond:

Gideon explains how he hurt his eye.

You’re the funniest boy. I love you.


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