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I was doing so well at blogging for a while. I have no explanation except that the summer is just so busy!  So here’s a recap in pictures.
IMG_1849Here is Ezra and I just a few days after I blogged last. He stayed where you put him and did little but play around on his tummy. He’s now crawling, pulling up on the side of the couch, eating baby food (and LOVING it!), has one tooth with more coming soon, and LOVES his Momma. He’s growing much too fast for my liking. It seems like each baby stays a baby for a shorter time.
IMG_3733-1Look at that boy. Oh I could just eat him right up!! And to top it off, if there was a competition for “Easiest Baby in the History of EVER” Ezra would win it, hands down. He’s just a dream. We love our little Easy E.

Jake is still running the shipping department at the shop. Of course that’s in addition to the screenprinting business, his design work, and whatever other idea he’s got going on at the time. He’s a busy guy and he loves it. If he weren’t so obviously heterosexual, I’d be a bit concerned about his sexual orientation after this past weekend though. He came home with fabric he’d picked out  and was excited to spend the weekend quilting with me. How’s that for a husband?! Hahaha, I love him! There is nothing he can’t do.

Oh, there were some holidays in there…. Here’s Easter goodies:



This year for the 4th of July, Jake helped my Mom and Dad run a fireworks stand in Liberty. So it was pretty uneventful. We did get to go to the lake for some down time afterwards and had a fireworks show over at Gramma and Grampa Fish’s house in mid-July.  It’s been ridiculously hot here, so we’re all pretty sweaty and disgusting.

Gideon loves Sparklers!

Ashelyn turned THREE {three} [3!] Holy smokes. That’s hard to believe. She wanted a Tangled party, so that’s what she got. She’s not spoiled or anything…  (rigggghhhht.) She actually had two parties. A little mini party at Grandma and Grandpa Richardson the weekend before, and the Tangled party the day of.
And more Ezra adorableness:






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