Halloween Hallows 2011

1:05 PM

Our town sponsors this amazing Halloween event for the kiddos every year. It’s totally free and the the kids always look forward to it. This year it was SO hot. I know in years past it has been freezing, so that was definitely a change!

The theme this year was Space. They have a little trail through the woods that they decorate up with fun things for the kids to do, and this year it was “Second Star to the Right.” I just love Peter Pan. Here’s Gideon after he got his pixie dust learning to fly!


I used to babysit Emery before he and Janelle moved. The kids always look forward to getting together and Janelle’s dad is actually the one who orchestrates this whole thing every year. He says this was his last one though. I remember all the hours my Dad used to put in at the haunted house and I think it comes to a point where you just can’t do it anymore. Hopefully the city will keep it going.


Gideon about died! They had these guys from a local Star Wars troupe come and boy was he thrilled. After the picture he says to me, “Mom, you could  hear Darth Vader breathing. He’s scary!” haha, I love my boys!




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