{Colorado or Bust}

10:25 AM

My awesome cousin/twin/bff Jade and I got this crazy idea to meet up in Colorado so that we could FINALLY see one another. Time just flies too fast and since we live 1000 miles apart, we don’t get together nearly as often as we’d like. So she was able to score a spot with her parent’s timeshare in Steamboat Springs and we convinced Delila and Suzanne to tag along. They are serious troopers. Especially Suzanne since that meant travelling 12 hours in the car with my three children. :) That’s a real friend.

It was the best time. We hiked up to a beautiful waterfall. Ate mexican food. Watched silly movies. Watched Psych. Laughed. Reminisced. Curled up by the cozy little fireplace. The kids played really well together.  Good times were had by all.

We need to make things like this happen more often. It was amazing!

Colorado Trip October 2011


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