We've been FRAMED!

11:50 PM

I feel like I need to give a giant shout out to our AMAZING Amish framing crew. We dealt with the most insane rainy weather all during framing and they just powered through. There were so many days that I would go out to the property to check in on things and want to say, "Just go home boys, you're making me feel terrible." But they just worked, worked, worked. And almost always with a smile on their faces. Such troopers. 

Needless to say, because of their insane work ethic, we managed to stay on schedule even in spite of the weather working against us. Framing is so exciting because it feels like so much changes in a matter of hours. It's the part that really feels like, "YES! WE'RE BUILDING A HOUSE!" because suddenly it all goes from plans on paper to WALLS. And ROOMS. And STAIRS. It's just fun to watch. 

Some pictures of all the progress:


Now onto siding, roofing, and windows!

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