We LOVE Rainy Days!!!

1:38 PM

Gideon and Mommy have spent the day playing inside since it's still raining! It's not even real rain. It's that annoying mist that is enough to need windshield wipers but not enough to stop them from making that awful noise. Anyways, Gid is certainly an interesting baby. He thinks he's alot bigger than he actually is.
He was lounging in the recliner and was determined to sit there all by himself. Don't even think about sitting down mom!
Then, Once I finally convinced him it was alright to sit together. He wanted nothing to do with me holding him. He stretched himself out over my lap and was reaching his head back as far as he could. I'm pretty sure he wanted to see what the world looked like upside down.
He certainly enjoyed it. He was smiling and cooing and blowing bubbles the whole time!
As for this one, I was taking a picture of him sitting up all by himself and managed to capture this AMAZING puke action shot. It might be disgusting, but I was impressed with myself! :o)

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