What an awful day...

2:59 PM

Today has not been good...at all!

First, Jake calls me at 6:30 to tell me that he has a flat tire....ya, you know those brand new tires we got last Thursday. So he got out to check it, and when he tried to get back in his car to go fill it up. The car won't start. Doesn't even try to turn over....the battery is totally dead. And of course, Jake's foreman doesn't have jumper cables to jump it. So, I drive over to meet them for lunch, we jump the car, fill up the tire, take it to wal*mart to test the battery, and head home. (Thankfully the battery was from there to begin with, so we got it pro-rated and the new one only cost us like $13.)

Then, we get home and our new little kitty died! The night before last he just started acting really sickly and didn't want to eat. So, I spent all of yesterday and this morning trying to get him to eat and all that jazz, but he just had no strength at all. I didn't expect him to make it through the night last night. But he did, and when I got home he was gone. So, Jake buried him for me. Today is definitely one of those days that deserves a long drawn out exasperated sigh...


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