C'est la vie!

4:37 PM

I decided today that the best part about having a 5 month old is that they don't know when you're having a rotten day. They just love you and smile anyways. I was especially grateful for my handsome little ham when I got home totally stressed out because my car broke down in my mom's office parking lot. (As if enough things aren't going on right now.) But he doesn't care that we had to wait for my dad to come and get us. He doesn't even really care that it was ridiculously humid.
He's just glad to be with his Mommy, and I'm happy about it.

Me and my little man!!! He gets really tired of me taking pictures of him, he's not a huge fan of the flash.

He still gave me the grin though! What a happy little boy, and what a lucky Mom I am!

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