Momma Doan turns 50!!!!

10:46 AM

Jake's Mom, Jenny, celebrated her 50th birthday yesterday. So, on Saturday, I pulled Jacob away from working on motorcycles at her house so that we could go and get the goods to make her 50th birthday really memorable. We were really discouraged for a while because we had been wanting to get a helium tank so that we could fill the room with balloons. But, we couldn't think where to get one to rent. Well, while we were at Party America buying the balloons and streamers and Jake's gag gift, he thought to ask them if they rented the tanks. AND THEY DID!!! We were so excited. So, after our ward got out on Sunday we drove up to Jenny & Ron's and totally decked out their room!
Gideon even tried to help! He really enjoyed rolling around in the ribbon while we were inflating the balloons. He got pretty tangled up a few times. We're probably lucky he didn't strangle himself!
And finally, BALLOONS!!! We were really happy with how it turned out. It was a lot of fun to do. The hard part was keeping it a secret all day long while we were all at Sarah's for the party and waiting for her to go home and call us when she found it. But we managed and she LOVED it! Happy Birthday!!!!!!

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