The "Lambo" Roast-Off

3:57 PM

Elder Berghini, or Lambo as Jake refers to him, found out he was being transferred yesterday. Transfer calls come in on Tuesday night and they told him originally that he was staying but then yesterday afternoon they're like, nope just kidding. So, he and Elder Iverson came over to roast some mallows one last time before he headed out today.
I guess I should explain why Jake calls him Lambo... When he first got transferred into our area he introduced himself by saying. "Hi, I'm Elder Berghini....Like lamborghini." Lambo is a lot easier to say. Here's a shot of the the marshmallow-goodness!
Jake is the fire building master. Zach was pretty envious because much to his dismay he had tried to build a fire the night before equipped with a blow torch and fire starter log and managed to build the most pathetic fire known to man kind. Needless to say, Zach was really concentrating on Jake's technique. He's supposed to be going to scout camp and on the High Adventure these next couple of weeks. That'd be pretty sad if the only way he could pull off any fire building was with a blow torch.
Here's Grandpa doing the magnificent balancing baby act with Gid. Gideon pretty much thinks it's the best thing ever. I tried to do it once and realized it's really difficult to lift a 20 lb. baby into the air with one arm. Especially when you're as weak as I am. So, I'll just keep letting my Dad do it! :o)

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