More Wedding Fun!

9:53 AM

Gideon getting loved on by Gma Jenny & Gpa Ron. (Ron was really excited because Gid let him hold him longer than he ever has before last night!)
Jake rocked it out as the DJ. We had a few technical difficulties...and a lot of difficulty getting people to dance (after all it was in the grass), but it was still a lot of fun!
As usual Gideon was totally captivated by the dog. Gunnar was even decked out for the wedding fun with the big bow around his neck!
Joining in on the money dance fun. I guess it's pretty lame that I didn't have any cash and had to borrow a couple bucks to dance with the groom, but hey...I do what I can!
I'm pretty sure I have a picture of me making this exact same face from my own wedding. I just happen to REALLY REALLY love chocolate covered strawberries, alright!

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