Our day at the "beach"

11:11 AM

The weather has been absolutely perfect. So, my brother Alex, Gideon, and I decided to drive the whole 4 miles to the state park. I thought it would be good to walk the 4 mile loop around the lake and Alex wanted to swim. For some reason unknown to me though Gideon will not tolerate walking when it's just me and him. So I made it about a half mile at which point he was screaming so loud I turned back to the swim beach. Gideon really loved the water though and I got a bit of a tan! You can't tell that by the picture though...I'm pasty....sorry!

You know you love those shoes!!!! They may be ugly, but they're comfy.
My little water baby! (His shirt says 'Caution, Will Eat Sand')
He's trying to decide what this sand stuff is doing in his toes.
Gideon and his Uncle Alex!!!
Digging in!!! He loved grabbing that sand and letting it slide through his fingers. Amazingly, he didn't try to eat it. I think I'll probably have to invest in a little kiddie pool, that way I'll know the water is a little more sanitary....
Lakes just freak me out.

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