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Finally...Halloween Pics!

7:16 PM

So the Doan family turned the front porch into a circus tent this year, and everyone dressed to fit! There was craziness all around! The boys have decided that next year has to be something scary, so that we can spook out the trick-or-treaters, although, I think quite a few were scared of Seth. (He was the tall man....and if I were a small child I would have been frightened.) Anyways....this is us.....

Here's my little monkey!!! I think this costume pretty much displays his full chunkiness... The boy likes food okay?! haha... I promise once he starts walking/running/skateboarding he'll trim down, I really hope the cheekers stick around though!
He's getting sooo big! 4 TEETH!!!
I had to get myself with him somehow, so here's the best of my attempts... ya, I know... not so cute, but you get what you get.
There were many more shots like this where Gid was actually looking at the camera. But, Jake looked like the devil clown in every one, this one he's actually smiling, and well...I just love his smiling face whenever I manage to catch it on film!

hehehehe... I know this is blurry, but man...it makes me giggle. Gramma Jenny's collar worked perfectly as a skirt, and you just can't beat the clown fro. And of course, he's eating something... Why not?

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