Hanging with the Boys

7:44 PM

So today when we got back from approving all of the artwork for the LF stuff...yada-yada. Jake of course had to take some skate time to "unwind." Gid just LOVES to watch his daddy. (Isn't this so cute of his little reflection!)

So out he goes to spend time with Daddy!! (I'm kind of obsessed with these K-Swiss's he has on, they're like my favorite part of this pic...weird I know.)

Alex broke his board...right down the middle. Gid of course didn't mind. "I'll just push this part....watch me go!!"
Jake let Alex borrow his old board until he gets a new one...I just thought it was so cute that Gid picked up the socket (is that right?) and tried to work on the board, too. He picks up on so many things!

He's just such a little man....I love him to pieces and cannot believe he is 10 months old! How in the world has time flown by so fast?!

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