The Computer Ate My Garth Brooks...

1:42 PM

So, last night Sarah, Seth, Jake, & I went to the Garth Brooks concert. It was amazing, we had great seats, two drunk people got in a fight on the way out...we LOVED it. Garth pretty much puts on the best show of any one I've ever seen, hands down. He sang a song acapella with the whole audience, it was crazy-cool. He sang with Trisha Yearwood, and he played for over two hours non-stop. It was seriously awesome AND to top of the entire evening I got some really great pictures!

Well, of course... this morning I get up to upload said photos for exciting new blog entry... Everything seems to be acting perfectly normal, I use picasa, it acquired all 67 files, I name a folder and say upload all, it does it's thing and then goes back to the main picasa screen. At this point the new folder would usually be there, right? That's what I I've been searching for where the heck these pictures are all day...still haven't found them. Which makes me really mad since picasa did manage to delete them off of my camera. So, I'm pretty sure the computer ate them.

All I have to say is... SPIT 'EM OUT, COMPUTER!

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