8:26 AM

Hehehehe..... So, I found some amazing program that can recover deleted photos from your memory card. So I have the majority of the Garth pics now...I just have to try to come up with some way to find the videos, cuz I really want to post one of those. Anyways, this is us waiting in line!!!! Jake got cut off cuz we were taking it of ourselves, but Sarah would be very unhappy if I put the other attempt up.
This is GARTH!!!! He ruled, as I'm sure you can imagine.
This is Garth & Trisha performing Walkaway Joe.... It was amazing, Sarah & I were really surprised to see that Trisha Yearwood wasn't as fat as we thought she was, and we knew pretty much every song she sang... (We could only think of like 2 in the car.) Anyways, she was really great too.
I basically just threw this one in for Jake...check out that ENORMOUS drum set. Ya....insane. I can't even figure out how to play a decent beat on jake's set. I wouldn't know where to begin here. But yes, I'm glad I found a few of my pictures, I'm hoping I can recover some more... YAY FOR GARTH!!

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