Weekend Wrap-Up (Road Trip & Twilight)

9:18 PM

We got to Hillary's house in beautiful Bella Vista, AR at around 4 Friday afternoon. Jake spent as much time as he reasonably could enjoying Hill's piano. (Boy does he miss having one to play every day.) We hung out and admired her awesome house. Natalie and her gang arrived. We ate some chili. We talked, we laughed. And THEN....


Basically my opinion went like this:

Edward is gorgeous. I like this. Bella is weird. I hate this. Edward. I like this. Oh my gosh, that was hoooorrrrible effects. What the? Rosalie's butt is enormous, how much jiggle does that girl need? Oh Edward. Jacob is ugly. Bella is weird. I hate this. Oh snap, James is the hottest of them all. I'd let him take a bite out of me. Oh, okay... I really like it.

Basically I think I need to see it again and actually allow myself to enjoy it rather than critique the entire time.

On another note, Nat caught an AMAZING quote from one of the teenage-no-brains in the bathroom before the movie.... "I read the book, and like, I liked them, I just didn't like that Jacob was... you know... and Indian. What's with that?"


Ron & Jenny joined us right as the movie was starting. Ron really liked the movie. So it's not strictly a chick flick!

Saturday we cooked. We made pies. We made potatoes. We shot up a turkey. We played with it's innards. Sarah & her fam arrived. We made more food.

Then, we ate it.
It was delicious and we were full and we went to bed early.

Sunday morning we headed back home.

We finished off the wonderful evening by watching 24: Redemption and getting totally pumped for Season 7 in January. Don't worry Jack, me and you will be back together soon enough.

Oh how things can improve in just a week!

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