11 months:

8:01 AM


That's it.
Time has to stop right HERE.
One more month 'til the big numero UNO? I can hardly believe it.

This morning while I was taking a bath you leaped in with me fully clothed. I don't think it turned out quite as fun as you'd hoped since you got a face full of water. Who would have thought some innocent splashing would lead to dive-bombing baby??? You're just too dang quick.

You're still resisting walking. You'll walk all along the walls and all along the furniture and you'll stand for ever in the middle of the floor... but you just won't take any steps. Today I've decided that I'm really okay with it because that means I can still convince myself that you're my little little baby.

BUT...you're getting so big. A dress that fit you perfectly last week, now barely covers your bum. I think Fruitloops are to blame because they're your new favorite treat. Either that or you've ingested too many weeds while we're playing outside and you're taking on their growth rate. I'm sure it couldn't possibly have anything to do with you being the spitting image of your freakishly tall Mom.

You're pretty much fed up with bottles and have mastered the sippy cup. You actually can even handle a normal cup fairly well. You love spaghetti. You love to swing. You love music. You love to play with your brother. You love HotWheels. You love your glow worm... and your REALLY love your Daddy.

You're still the happiest little girl. It is absolutely impossible to feel down when you're giggling and smiling. I love you and I can't wait to see you eat your cake next month, you're gonna love it!

Biggest Kisses,

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