9:29 AM

Hey all! Hope you had a fun weekend! We had a great one!

Friday, we went to the Elder's Quorum BBQ. It was great to get out with a bunch of friends and let the kids play. Although, we did get quite a few mosquito bites.

On Saturday morning I hung out with my Momma since hubby had to work overtime that day. But, he managed to get off a little early and we went up to Kingston, MO to see a civil war reenactment in the afternoon. Silly me forgot my camera. So, I got ZERO pictures, but Jake's cousin Megan got some good ones of the fun. Check her's out here. It was really fun and both the kids loved it. I couldn't believe how calm they stayed with all the cannons going off! We spent the rest of the evening at Jake's Mom & Dad's house enjoying their company.

Sunday Jake woke up with his eyes and face all swollen and a really sore throat. I figured allergies, but he says he never has allergies. So he took some dayquil and spent the day at home snuggled up with Ashelyn under his favorite quilt. Gideon and I did the church thing and were SO excited that Laura and Abbie came to play with us in nursery. You seriously start to feel so alone after awhile!

Today is business as usual... screen printing to get done, shopping to do, and dun, dun, dun... NEW COMPUTER should be on my doorstep sometime today! I can't wait!

Oh, and here's another picture of my blondness... complete with a bird on my head. :)

Happy Monday all!

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