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Good Ol' Summertime:

8:56 AM

Yesterday I drug out the little baby pool we bought for Gideon way back in the day and we had some fun in the sun! I've got some serious water babies. They were hilarious. Gideon ran and ran around through the sprinkler and the little pool and Ashe pretty much just belly flopped herself right into the pool and splashed to her hearts content. It was great!
Oh and uhhh... here's a horrible blonde picture of myself. It's all I've got so it'll have to work.
On a completely different note... My awesome Momma is a gardening super star and quite a seamstress and because she spent her whole weekend doing those two things she blogged about it and decided to do a summer giveaway. So here I am blogging about it, trying to spread the love.

You could win this pretty pretty table runner:

(It hasn't been quilted yet, but don't worry it will be!)
Yay! Head over here to enter!

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