2:33 PM

Almost forgot to document Ashelyn's 1 yr. stats... I know that most of you don't care but since this is my only attempt at journaling, so it matters. To me.

HEIGHT: 30 1/2 inches. The nurse told me that this was only in the 50th percentile... seriously? Have you seen my child? Does she look like a normal 1 yr old? I think not. I raise monster babies. So I checked online and it's actually the 90th percentile. That makes SO much more sense.

WEIGHT: 24 lbs. 10 oz. Now the nurse got this percentile correct (90th) and then proceeded to tell me Ashe "weighs a little too much for her height." At this point I was thinking that she looked pretty well balanced. Just giant all around, ya know? Thankfully she didn't try to tell me to put my baby on a diet. To be quite honest I really didn't think she weighed quite THAT much. No wonder my arms fall asleep if I have to carry her for any extended period of time.

Anyways, there you have it... love my monster baby!

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