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9:04 AM

-First of all, in clarification of that last post. I was referring to that horribly addicting treat also known as puppy chow. NOT the dog food variety. You know.... rice chex dipped in chocolate and rolled in powdered sugar? Picture via MakeLifeDelicious.
SEE!!! I also like to call it "Diet Killer"

-Jake got home from work at 9:30 last night. NINE THIRTY!! My kids, who so anxiously await for Daddy's arrival every day, were NOT happy that they had to go to bed w/o their Daddy time. It was ridiculous. He walks in the door, slurpee in hand, gives me a smooch and says, "I'm pretty sure it looked the same outside (meaning no sunshine) when I left this morning." True story babe.

-My car is in the shop today. No big deal, some bearing was going bad on the alternator so we (by we, I mean my Dad) took it to a place to get it rebuilt before it went totally kaput. This should also fix the annoying whining sound my car was making and return it to "awesome Mom car" perfection.

-Tomorrow the Missionaries are coming for dinner. I have a predicament... One of them loves Italian food, so I was thinking I'd make Manicotti. One of my faves.
Then I remembered the other one hates cheese.... Maybe go with classic spaghetti??? I dunno, I might just make her suffer (really???) through it! Who hates cheese anyway?

-Saturday we're going to Omaha!!! We're soooo excited to go on a little family trip. We got a great deal on a hotel from my friend Stacey and pretty much our only plan is to go to the zoo and see the aquarium.

Gideon is VERY excited about the Monkeys.
Jake is excited to see the fish.

-In other news... I am NOT pregnant. I had a crazy dream that I was (and it didn't help that I was super emotional/tired, so I freaked myself out). My Mom had a crazy dream that I was. My mother in law has been wishing I was since Ashelyn was a month old. :o) Just thought I'd clarify that so far... no prego. But there will definitely be more adorable Doan babies in the future.

-Since I am bound to my house by the whole no-car business I really have NO excuse to put off the laundry any longer... so I'm off to do that. Happy Thursday all!

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