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9:10 AM

Project Week: Part I

I know, you guys probably thought I was lying about all those projects I've been talking about. It's TRUE. I swear. I'm busy. I have STUFF. I have an addiction. An addiction to paint. Mostly of the spray paint variety, but any paint will do. So, a lot of the projects have involved that. Anyways, let me begin.

My mom was gifted this lovely antique mirror from my Auntie Lynn. (That's what I've always called her and nothing else will ever sound right. None of my other Aunts are AUNTIES. And go figure, she's not even technically my aunt. I digress...) It sat prettily, propped against my Mom's wall for quite a while.
"I love that mirror, Mom," I'd mention.
"When you gonna hang that up Mom?"
"Hey, wouldn't that look ADOOOOOORABLE painted black and hanging in my daughters room?"

ahem... so I have no tact. I conned my awesome Momma out of her mirror and I don't even feel bad. I loooooooove it.
But looooooooooook at it!!! It's just overflowing with potential! So, while sissy was napping one day, Gideon and I headed to the yard to tackle the project that started it all. While sanding it down to get rid of some runny spots caused by that greeny color, I discovered that this mirror had been on quite a journey. It had started out gilded GOLD, been painted over with SALMON PINK, and then covered in that foamy green color. As I sanded I tried imagining where the mirror had hung before. But, I was too excited about it's future....
So we taped it off.... and took a few more pictures because I had the most adorable helper around. Who could resist?
And painted it enamel black. I'm in love. The final reveal ties in with my BIG project... so you'll have to wait to see!

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