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10:05 AM

Apparently all of my whining paid off! On Saturday, in the midst of hunting down motorcycle parts (woo hoo! more on this to come!) Jake threw me a curve ball by saying, "Let's go to BestBuy and get you a camera." After I managed to pick my jaw up off the floorboard of the car I was SOOO excited to just have ANYTHING. Give me a tiny point and shoot that has more than 6 megapixels and I would have been the happiest girl around. So we went a hunting, and I was looking at the cheapies. Really, I'm not THAT hard to please. Then I found this beautiful Nikon L100.
A point & shoot with 15x zoom? Yes, please.
10 mp? Well, that IS more than 6.
Super easy to use? Check.
Vivid true color? You betcha.
Big mama LCD screen? Yes, ma'am.
$250? I'm sold and more importantly, so is Hubby.

I got the chance to really play with it this weekend and I've been thrilled with it. I was a titch worried that it only had 10mp but all my photos have come out fabulously even when I jumbo them up on my computer. My only dislike so far is that there is no rechargeable battery. But according to many reviews I've read and the Nikon website I should still get THOUSANDS of pictures out of each round of batteries.

On an even sweeter note, I just found it on Dell's website for $219.00, so I'm gonna comp that at Best Buy for some extra money back.

I'm a happy girl!

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