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10:11 AM

Project Week: Part II

Remember awhile back, there was that silly post about the letter E. Well, we've finally come to the explanation...
I had this lovely scrap book paper. And that pretty mirror I had painted just sparked my need to craft SOMETHING. ANYTHING. So why not something else for my little princess? (Can you see where this is heading, folks?) After all, we moved into our house a day before she was born... Her room was never quite fit for a princess.
So, I bought some letters. A-S-H-E. Plain, white, boring letters. And with my handy pal Modge-Podge I made letter magic. Jake thought ASHE was enough. He thought they looked perfect. I told him he lacked VISION. :o) Another trip to the store was surely in order. L-Y-N just tumbled into my cart while I was picking up black craft paint to paint the edges. And so did this silly flower lei...
I think the store clerk thought I was a little silly buying just ONE "Girls Night Out!" lei. But, she probably didn't have any vision either.... with a few snips and some lovely black rhinestone goodies that also leaped into my cart (funny how these things happen. ALL. THE. TIME.)
Letter perfection my friends.

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