11:25 AM

So I've been working on some things lately, nothing is even CLOSE to being finished... but they're keeping me busy none the less.

People keep needing t-shirts printed, plus we hired another new employee so in the middle of training and paperwork and orders... I'm swamped.

BUT, I've decided since I spend so much time around a screen printer, I might as well put it to use for ME. Soooo, I've got a really cool idea for Christmas gifts in the works. I'm pretty excited, and I think everyone I'm planning on gifting them to will be pretty stoked.

Also, I finally got all my laundry folded. My kids actually napped AT THE SAME TIME yesterday and it was an amazing relief to empty out those laundry baskets! :)

It's girls night tonight!!! We're getting pedicures and mine is MUCH needed. Can't wait girls!

That's all for now, just wanted to pop in! What's keeping YOU busy at the close of summer?

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