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Remember that one time:

8:30 AM

Alright, so I'm finally getting around to blogging about our little trip to the zoo. I know, I know... I fail miserably. Sorry about that! Anyways, here you have it.... We drove to Omaha!

Isn't Hubby cute!?
It's been sooo long since I've managed to get him to take a picture where he's not making some ridiculous face. I love it!
Say "Hi!" Ashelyn!!!
We got up to Omaha in the afternoon, chilled at the hotel, watched some skateboarding competition that Jake found on tv, grabbed some dinner, and went to bed. We got up early the next day to head to the zoo! Hooray!
Okay, so we might have got there a little too early! We thought it opened at 8, but it didn't. So we waited around for 30 minutes.
First, we hit the jungle. It was by far my favorite part. Tons of fun and there are animals just running around everywhere. It was awesome because everyone else headed over to the cat house, so we were like the ONLY people in there.
Can you see me and Ashe!? Ya. That's us. Way. Up. There.
I wish this picture would have come out better!! Me and that little monk were besties!
Hooray for the aquarium! Jake luuuuurrrrves him some fish.
AND Jelly fish. Anybody seen Seven Pounds??? Ya.... no thank you.
We had fun and have since been busy with shirt printing and family parties. Good times! If I had a camera I would have shared more of our excitement. But... I do not. Happy Saturday everybody!

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