1:06 PM

I know it's been a long time coming, but after MUCH anticipation and lots and lots of work....

I give you.... the fully restored 1972 Honda Ct-70 Trail Bike.

Jake going for a wheelie!
Look at those boys!!!
Ashe gets a ride!
Gideon & Annie.

I'm sure Jake would want me to mention that it's not TECHNICALLY finished. There is a headlight that he still needs to replace and all the cables need replaced as well. BUT, it's drive-able and we had SUCH A BLAST.

For the record, pretty much every adult that was at Sarah's that day took it for a spin. I have pictures of almost everyone, but I'm pretty sure some of them might have wanted to murder me if I shared them with the world. :o)

I'm in love with this little bike and Jake has promised that SOMEDAY I'll have my own. It will be hot pink. And we'll call them "The Twins."

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