Changing Table, Schmanging Table:

9:30 AM

Project Week: Part III

So here's the deal... Ashelyn doesn't have a dresser.

The only drawers she has to hold ALL. HER. CLOTHES. are the two found at the bottom of the changing table that was given to us a few months after she was born. I didn't snap a before picture (Why? Because this happened during my no camera phase.) but let me lay it out there for you.

  1. It was made of white MDF.
  2. It had the most hideous gold plastic handles in the history of the world.
  3. It was a giant blessing at the time.

How it stayed in it's original form until Ashelyn was 14 months old is BEYOND me. If anything I could have just changed those REDONKULOUS handles. But, I didn't. And that brings us to the present.

My sister in law Natalie stopped by to visit us one morning and Jake told her about my letters, so I led her to Ashelyn's room and showed them to her. She says, "Wow, I had that same changing table.... but I changed the handles." I'm internally bowing my head in shame while saying, "Ya, I've been wanting to paint it." and right here folks is when I realize that I have the best sister in laws a girl could ask for. Nat made a very good point... "So paint it. If you hate it now, how much worse can it get?"

Well, holy smokes. Why didn't I think of it THAT way!?

So you can bet your bums I went and did that RIGHT away.

Insert sigh of contentment. Yes, Natalie, you are one smart cookie. I'm still in need of some cute pulls, but those will come soon.

And the projects continue....

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