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Forgive Me:

8:54 AM

While I catch you up!!! WAYYYY back on labor day weekend, we went camping. It was nice to really "rough" it for a weekend.

Okay, Okay so we might have camped in my SIL's yard and called her house the "lodge." BUT, we did sleep in tents and had dinner and breakfast cooked on the fire. So, in my opinion it counts! We rode around on the motorcycle and the go-karts and had an all around BLAST.

Something CRAZY happened though. I fell in love with Jake's Trail Bike. So much so that when I
said I wanted one, and he said, "Look on Craigslist." that I did and we bought ANOTHER ONE. See, that's her in the picture up there. I call her Betsey and let's just say she's getting QUITE a makeover. Jake assures me she'll be done this weekend in time for round 2 of our camping excursions, so I'll share pictures of her new look then. But my boys have been hard at work... SEE!

Gideon is quite the helper as you can tell.

Here's a few more pictures of the camping fun:

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