A Special Visit:

3:11 PM

It’s not very often that Santa makes house calls, but check out who came to visit us last weekend!

That’s right… Santa AND Mrs. Claus! The kids were so excited they could hardly contain themselves! Ashelyn is still talking about how Santa came to see her. For the record, Ashelyn asked for a Barbie and Gideon asked for Puzzles and Games. Love it!

Oh look… my family is cute and I’m HUGE. So, I asked Santa for baby to come before Christmas… still waiting on that to happen. :)

*We were super bummed because we got home much later than we planned last Saturday and thought we missed the chance to take the kids to see Santa at the Mayor’s Christmas Tree lighting. Luckily, we have great neighbors who just so happen to play Santa & Mrs. Claus for the event. They were nice enough to call us as they were getting home (after spending HOURS out in the freezing cold) to see if the kids would like a special visit. Pretty much, our neighbors are awesome :)

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