Ward Christmas Party

11:53 AM

Well, even though the activities committee was officially nixed back in November, we were still left in charge of the Christmas party. I’m super excited to be done with all the planning and craziness, but not so excited that I’m now waiting in the wings to find out what my next calling will be :).

Being 9 months pregnant during the set up didn’t really help much with my enthusiasm, but I did really love the calling and I had Jake and my good friend Laura to help with everything. Pretty awesome!

I think everyone had a good time and I just have to say we have an amazing Bishopric. Bishop did a Rudolph skit that had all the kids (and adults) laughing and singing. I’m just so thankful to have wonderful people in our ward who are always willing to help. It makes everything so fun and all the hard work totally worth it!
Ashelyn and all the kiddos waiting for Rudolph and Santa. (You can see Gid’s happy face in the background, too.)
Rudolph telling the kids all about how the reindeers get ready for the big day!
Which includes shaving….
And brushing your teeth. (I was laughing so my pictures are all blurry…of course!)
The kiddos loved it, which of course makes the parents REALLY happy. :) Next up….
SANTA! Once again, Ashelyn was totally fascinated by the beard.

It was a great night. We just love our ward!

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