Letters to My Children: Gideon James

1:07 PM

Hey there Gid-Man,

Did you know I started blogging when you were born? Well, I did. I wanted to remember every little moment because I knew it would go by fast. (That’s what “they” tell you after all.) It’s gone by even faster than I could have imagined! I’m so thankful to have this to look back on, to see all the big moments that we’ve shared.

You are the funniest boy. It’s still weird to think of you as the BIG boy, but really, you are! You’re such a good helper and you love your sister and brother so much! You always want to give kisses and hugs and sometimes I forget that you’re just being sweet and get so frustrated when your big smooch wakes up Ezra. I need to do better about that.

You are so creative. You can turn anything into something new and take us all on a great adventure. Today, your golden golf club that Grampa Ron got you became a pirate’s sword and you and Ashelyn (her pink club in hand!) were on a hunt for treasure and fighting “bad guys". Although golf clubs wouldn’t have been my ideal choice for indoor adventures, I couldn’t resist the cuteness. Luckily, everything survived the pirate attack unscathed! When I tucked you in for nap time, you said, “Make sure my sword’s by my ladder Mom, I need it for if the bad guys come.” So there it sits, waiting for you to get up and march into the kitchen for lunch.

Love you so much my boy!



Some of the things you love right now:

  • Lego Star Wars on the PS3 (You play better than me! No joke.)
  • Books/Stories
  • Drawing People
  • Playing outside
  • Going to church
  • Talking (Boy are you a talker!)
  • Dancing
  • Unloading the dishes
  • Feeding & Playing with Thor
  • Singing songs

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