Letters to my Children: Ashelyn Ann

2:15 PM

Hey sweet girl,

As I watch you and Gideon play together I’m just blown away at how quickly time has gone. It truly seems just like yesterday that we moved into our house and hurried to get things set up because you were scheduled to arrive the very next day! Somehow, it’s been almost 3 years. Your birthday is only 3 months away!!!

You are sooo my daughter. You are all my good qualities and all my bad qualities rolled into one adorably rotten little princess! I guess I had it coming to me! Sometimes I just shake my head, recognize myself in you, and then feel bad for whatever I put my parents through as a toddler. Oh. My. Word!

You are too smart for me to handle sometimes. Nothing gets past you. The other day, you and Gideon were having a particularly bad argument because he had hit you with his “circus sword.” So, thinking I would solve things, I told Gideon he couldn’t hit,sat him in time out, took his sword and hid it in my room. You followed me and I thought nothing of it until we returned to the living room and you walked right over to where Gid was sitting in time out and told him. “Mommy, put your sword on her dresser, Giddy. Don’t worry buddy, don’t worry.” Haha! You are such a kook!

I guess the fact that you’re so much like me might have something to do with you being such a mother hen. You want to tell everyone what to do and take care of them and love on them. Most of the time you are so sweet, but boy are you feisty! You love playing with your dollies and love your new little brother.

I hope as you get older we’ll still be able to enjoy all the things we do now. I love doing your hair and painting your nails. I love that you are that perfect mix of girly and tough. (I like to think I’m the same.) I’m sure I’ll find the changing outfits 3 times a day annoying once you’re a teenager (I seem to remember getting yelled at for that….*ahem*), but I think it's pretty cute now. Just try not to take EVERYTHING out of your dresser next time, k?

Love you Ashelberry!


Things you love right now:

  • Singing!
  • Picking out all your clothes.
  • Anything pink, princess, or sparkly!
  • Swings
  • Coloring
  • Dora
  • Going to Nursery on Sunday!
  • Taking pictures
  • Dancing

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