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8:34 AM

Okay, Okay so I'm sooo excited. Jake's not. But, well...He'll live. We're going down to Southern Missouri to go to the Lake. We're leaving tomorrow and I just can't wait. Jake of course is like...."But Sam's going camping for his birthday, I wanna go camping...yada, yada, yada." And sympathetic me is going, "Quit complaining we're going tubing on a lake...that's way better than sitting in a tent. Tents don't have air conditioning you know!" So anyways, I think he's secretly excited about it. We're going to stay with my Grandpa and Phyllis and we'll get to see my Uncle Bobby and Aunt Elsie (Who are the nicest people in the world). Jake will pretty much lose it when he sees Bobby's beautiful red Shelby that took #2 at the mustang nationals. It's gorgeous...I don't remember what year it is, but it's amazing...I can hardly contain myself around it! Anyways, I'm just excited as of late...because of this trip, and because my girl Jadie is getting hitched to her awesome guy! I can't wait for that either! Fun Fun Fun. Life has been crazy-crazy, but it's been great.

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