VACATION--A Day at the Lake!

7:21 AM

This is the lake house we stayed at..... It was pretty nice, you know, with it's own swim beach, and stained glass windows and 4 car detached garage.... haha, ummm no! Pretty cool house though huh?! Anyways...

We got into Lebanon late late Friday night and then got up early Saturday morning to go to the lake. Dad had rented a boat, so we were all pretty excited to spend some time out in the sun, and tubing. Jake and I had pretty much planned on having a very fussy baby for the day, because what 8 month old would want to wear a life-vest the entire time?! Well, as usual we were amazed by him. He didn't cry once, he loved it!
Here is Zach, Gid, and Jake enjoying some rays.
Hehe, I just thought this was a great picture! I don't know what it was all about, but it looks good!
And last but not least, my little sailor boy! He's so much fun and is just soooo good all the time. We're lucky, thats for dang sure!

Anyways, we had an awesome time on the boat. None of us really got sunburned too bad. Jake of course fried his forehead because he refuses to wear sunblock, but even that went away in a day or two.
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