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On a Blustery Day:

4:10 PM

Today was soooooo rainy. Well, still is soooo rainy. I love a rainy day to sit and veg out with a good book and play with the kiddos. So this morning I was missing my hubby, wishing he was home being lazy with us. Well about that time... much to my surpise, I see him pull in the driveway! HOORAY!! They're working at a school right now, and apparently the stuff they're working on now can't be done while the students are there, so they got to come home early today!!
(He does have to go put time in on Saturday though... )

Anyways, Jake wanted Gid to have something fun to do so he stopped and bought Hungry-Hungry Hippos.
I forgot how GREAT that game was...

Gid loves it and as soon as he woke up from his nap he found the box and pulled it right back out to play again. It's so cute. What a good Daddy to think of his boy while driving home in the rain. I love that guy.

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