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So, upon arriving home from Utah, whilst separating the ridiculous amounts of mail, I came across a Target mailer... (TARGET!! My brain squeals.) So I open it up only to become slightly disappointed that it's coupons for groceries. Groceries, says I, I never buy groceries at Target. Too expensive, why not diapers like usual? But I faithfully put my coupons in my purse just in case I found some GREAT deal knowing I'll be at Target AT LEAST 3 times this week. (I'm just sayin....) So yesterday, I made trip #1 of who knows how many and came away a VERY satisfied shopper.

All this stuff.
Cost me $16.29.

Let me give you a run down of what I got:

-1 lb. Fresh Asparagus (Usually 2.99/lb) I paid $0.52.
-1 dz. Large Eggs (Usually $1.19) I paid $0.49.
-2 lb. Fresh Strawberries. (Usually $6.89) I paid $3.89
-2 cans Del Monte Green Beans (Usually $0.97 each) I paid $0.57 for BOTH.
-3 lbs. 85/15 Ground Beef (Usually $3.59/lb.) I paid $4.50 for 3 LBS!!
-1 Fresh Pineapple (Usually $3.99) I paid $0.99!
-1 box Betty Crocker Potatoes (Usually $1.67) I paid $0.75
-1 pk. Ore Ida hash browns (Usually $2.79) I paid $1.49
-1 Tropicana Pure OJ (Usually $2.75) I paid $1.75.
-1 tube Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls (Usually $2.09) I paid $1.34

Normally this would have cost me $37.44!

That means I saved a whopping $21.15!!!!

This was in part because virtually everything that they mailed coupons for was ALSO on sale. Let's just say I won't be counting Target out on the grocery deals any more!

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